Double Shot

This is the page for Kelsey Norden's senior film, based on the concepts and characters from her webcomic The Jupiter Palladium.

A pair of new superheroes must fight a monster attacking a park, but find out he's actually just a little boy.

Double Shot takes place in a coffee shop and a park at the same time, mixing high action with low-key dialogue and creating a dramatic experience set in a world where anyone can be born with superpowers.

Started the day of by sketching the inhabitants of Mega Intense Java, the cafe in this film better known as MIJ. It’s a very popular cafe in downtown Port Jupiter, managed by Liam Schmidt (top right). Liam has been featured in a side-story comic titled “Wild”, written by one of JP’s writers, Ally, and illustrated by myself. “Wild” was featured in SCAD’s Comic Phonebook student anthology in 2011. 

JP Readers may also recognize Therese on the bottom left, who had a cameo in the webcomic a couple years ago. She also had an appearance in “Wild.” She obviously does her hair up nicer when she’s out of the apartment. We’ll only see Therese from behind in her short, one-shot cameo with the rest of the MIJians in the film, but she looked really cute in this sketch so I obviously had to share.

Joining these guys is Liam’s co-worker Sebastian (top left) and Stephan (bottom right) who is off in the corner scoping out the bulletin board. Maybe you’ll see them again in the future! (hint: you should read the comic.)

But come on you guys look at these cuties.

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